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Sisters Overcoming and Winning (SOW) is an international community of women who foster a camaraderie of sisterhood while encouraging each other with spiritual encouragement and self-empowerment on social media, virtual events, and in-person conferences. 

SOW is the manifestation of a seed that God planted within the promise of his appointed daughter, Shawon Shericka Turner James while she was yet – in her 16 year old mother’s womb. The seed had been incubating for 45 years by the time of delivery on March 26, 2018.

Shawon James

SOW's Visionary

About Us



Image by Chris Murray


The Uniqueness of the team, the one for all, all for one...the addressing of issues being genuine, no sugarcoating, the direct contacting, sharing and caring with the hearts of agape love, the reaching out one to another, our Founder and staff of whom they this Ministry in my heart is without being said most definitely God Ordained!!

Fruits Bear Witness!!!!!̩

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